Saturday, February 16, 2008


Keep feeling like it's a dream; wandered around the market all day. Beautiful objects in bright, foreign colors appeared dull as each step amplified my groggy headache. As if time passed slow, tumbling against boulders in a stream, yet when I finally looked up; half the day was gone.

Left a coin for the lady who housed me last night. Grandfather said that a long time ago this would have been an insult as everyone strictly bartered and money was useless. Nowadays, even though village south is one of the last barter markets, money is appreciated and used for most buying and selling; even within the dark market. Didn't want to disturb their peaceful home (or am I merely consigning to the fact that I don't fit in?) so I'm sitting on the high roof of a storage house as I write this. I can't sleep anyway.

I wish this headache would go away. I can't think.

Didn't find any useful information about mersayochan. Most everything I heard was folklore and old wives tales. I respect my Grandfather enough to search for mersayochan, but I learned enough from my father to discern fact from foolishness. Maybe mersayochan is only a wishful thought, certainly the gods are wise enough not to create an immortal man! Wishful thoughts are known to drive a man into the grave.

Maybe tomorrow will lead me somewhere...anywhere.


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Unknown said...

Oh I really like this one Jon. Beginning to see a little more of C.
Can't wait to read the next one.