Monday, March 3, 2008

Restless Woods

Walked West again. Couldn't stand to keep rotting in the streets of the dark market. Not like anyone was much of a help there anyway. Well I did get one good piece of information...

Right before I left I visited the woman who had housed me the first night. I had noticed an interesting book on her shelf (indeed only a few books sat upon on her shelf) titled 'An Accepted History of Mer.' When I wandered through her house today I found it, and to my delight it contains both a formal history-as would be fit to teach-and a collections of fables that are both widely known and widely disbelieved. It was the second that interested me.

mersayochan is a fable is he not? An immortal in the form of a mortal; how preposterous! There are few immortals worth noting, but all are beyond the ways of man and none associate directly with man. My father taught me well the reverent way we honor the immortals, but never did we presume to know them or see them. Yet somehow this mersayochan is seen by man and interacts with man as if he were a mortal also.

Could the words be wrong? Was he just a powerful master that was 'immortalized' by worshipful servants? My father kept me well versed in the ways of the immortals, but what I read in this history book confused me more than even my black angel.

Sleeping in the woods tonight, don't expect to find anywhere comfortable. I must remember to set a ring of eiyes around myself for protection. Shivering alone in the woods at night has a way of getting one anxious and nervous; a combination that either makes you uncontrollably stupid or incredibly insightful. I hope not so the former in my case.

(Note to self: I found a small pouch containing a good number of eiyes upon coming to this spot. In the morning I will want to investigate further as to why someone would leave in such a rush as to forget their pouch. I pray that I can sleep despite the hundreds of horrible woodland monsters running wild through my imagination.)



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