Sunday, January 27, 2008

First Sleepless Night

I slept out in the open field. Or more specifically, I tried to sleep in the open field. How can I sleep upon the graves of my family, on the graves of everyone I ever knew? I can not even comprehend the change which has overcome me, as powerfully as it overcame them.

The small world of my village is not so small anymore, or truthfully, it is quite smaller. My world is nothing now and my mind slips out of consciousness just trying to comprehend this new land upon which I lay.

Where was this grass a day ago, a night ago? Where were these fears and sleepless nights a week ago? Our village was the proud of it's stability, but such great devastion, such great is unspeakable. Who can know what powerful evil has done this?

I walked down the old timeless path with Grandfather this afternoon. I left my father's house this morning, and all was as it always had been. Yet this night has brought frightening change. When we emerged from the shelter of the wood, expecting to enter the safety of the town, there was nothing to meet us but the open plain.

Had we taken a wrong turn? Had we truly lost ourselves in conversation, as the wise to the young? Or am I just a child to not realize the futility of life, the emptiness in repetition? Am I a man to shed no tears, or a boy not to admit that my heart is grieved?

Am I not near to the time that I would leave my father's house to make a life for my own? The first son of a seer, quickly coming of age, ready to take on the role of seer as his father's man. What life have I now?

Grandfather told me "Find mersayochan." How can I, a mortal, seek immortality? Isn't it true that all who seek him forfeit their very lives? Indeed I am already destroyed, for there is nothing left of me.

NINYLOCHAN, help me.


An Introduction

For all of you who are new to the mersayochan: journey head story, this was a project I started back a while ago, which unfortunately went nowhere. I've included here the first (and only) post from my previous attempt to write this story (using Facebook's Notes). In this blog though I hope to write it, not as the narrator, but as the main character, Creos, would write it in his journal. Feel free to voice your congratulations and concerns, or any overanalyizations. And don't let me go a week without posting another peice of the story, I'm going to stick to it this time, I promise...really...

Without further ado...

mersayochan: journey head

"Do you meet the origin or the man first?" -mersayochan

One could start from the beginning and work their way until the very present day and be quite comfortable with the flow of time. But often we are thrust into the grasp of history as it is being made and not until after the grusome battles are we left to recollect our memories, our past. And so it is here, so that all may understand him in all of what he is without being detered by his ordinary origin.

In the silence of a brisk night the world changed. In that silence broke through a great calamity. A whole village torn apart, and all the laws of nature with it. All eyes shut and the village vanished leaving nothing but a staggering old man returning late from a neighboring village and with him, his young grandson.

At the realization of the destruction the old man collapsed, his life waning. "Find mersayochan. These things do not happen on their own, many calamities are the product of an evil world but such great things as this cannot feign to be nature. Go find mersayochan."

The boy kissed the cold forhead of the old man and departed into the wood, passing over a meadow only a few hours old. Many are called to search out mersayochan as evil rises among the people, but few ever return. And those that do are changed, said to be transformed into the likeness of mersayochan himself. Many fear death.

For a child, the boy knew little fear, having no experience of it. And with a confidence in the sucess of his task the boy set out. This boy was Creos, son of the late village spirit seer. By nature he was to become a seer himself...but a calling to mersayochan, for it was as if mersayochan himself called the boy, took greater weight than any family tradition.

All knew that mersayochan posessed mastery over the ancient language. And mersayochan's justice would avenge anyone who sought him and was found by him. With this hope, this assurance, the boy departed from a world he had known for so short of a time, into a world of undefiable change.

Thus begins a journey...